Thanks to all who participated in the Gold Coast Amateur Brewing Competition.

There were 207 entries judged and 157 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show winner(s) have not been posted yet. Please check back later.

Winning Entries

Table 1: Pale Lager / Beer (21 entries)

1stDavid OliverGerman Pils5D: German Pils
2ndScott BurnettDude Bru Lager1B: American Lager
3rdScott BurnettDizzy Swiss 2A: International Pale Lager

Table 2: Amber / Dark Lager (13 entries)

1stBenedict RothRauchbier 6B: Rauchbier
2ndAndrew MahonyBock6C: Dunkels Bock
3rdSam MiddlerWest Coast Amber Lager2B: International Amber Lager

Table 3: Wheat Ale / British / Australian Beer (18 entries)

1stAndrew MahonyAussie Pale Ale12B: Australian Sparkling Ale
2ndCary MacDonaldBear's Best11B: Best Bitter
3rdTony Van der LindenCrewe Bitter11B: Best Bitter

Table 4: Amber / Brown Ale (22 entries)

1stAndrew LeckieNot Newky Broon13B: English Brown Ale
2ndSimon CherryCherry3 Black15C: Irish Extra Stout
3rdTony Van der LindenCopperhead Road19A: American Amber Ale

Table 5: Porter / Stout (23 entries)

1stAndrew MahonyBaltic Porter9C: Baltic Porter
2ndDaniel O'DonnellOatmeal Stout16B: Oatmeal Stout
3rdCameron MoleMudgee Love Stout20B: American Stout

Table 6: Pale Ale (27 entries)

1stPaul DavidsonFat Charlie18B: American Pale Ale
2ndMark HarrisSmash Blonde18A: Blonde Ale
3rdAlex TaubertNew Hope Pa18B: American Pale Ale

Table 7: IPA / Strong Ale (38 entries)

1stCary MacDonaldGreat White Unchained 21B6: White IPA
2ndJimi WallHammertime21A: American IPA
3rdJosh GillSimcoe Orchy21B: Specialty IPA

Table 8: European Sour / Wild Ale (9 entries)

1stAlex TaubertTaubval28A: Brett Beer
2ndPeter TherkelsenClub Lambic23D: Lambic
3rdDaniel O'Donnell
Co-Brewer: Bbc Club Barrel
Pomegranate23F: Fruit Lambic

Table 9: Belgian / Trappist Ale (17 entries)

1stGreg DuresBeer de Queensland24C: Biere de Garde
2ndJeremy MacGregorPink Elephant25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale
3rdBen BrettIt's Already Too Late Tripel26C: Belgian Tripel

Table 10: Specialty Beer (19 entries)

1stSam MiddlerSummer Crush (Watermelon & Cherry Sour)29A: Fruit Beer
2ndChris Rosewarne3 Finger Stout33A: Wood-Aged Beer
3rdSteve GowerSmoky & the Bandit 30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer